What Do I Use to Clean My Granite Countertops?

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Granite countertops are a unique and beautiful addition to your kitchen or bathroom. Once they are installed, you will need to learn how to care for them properly so they maintain their natural luster. As a stone, granite is one of nature’s most durable materials. It is also very easy to keep clean. No harsh chemicals are needed to keep it looking its best.

Soap and Water

Warm water, a mild soap, and a soft cloth are all that is need to clean your granite kitchen or bathroom countertop. Gently cleaning your granite countertops after each use will prevent them from losing their shine. Mild soaps have anti-bacterial properties that will keep germs from building up on the surface.

Simple Solution

For an added touch when it comes to disinfecting your bathroom or kitchen countertops, mix a simple solution of 50 percent alcohol and 50 percent warm water. Mix the solution in a small spray bottle and clean your counters once or twice a day for added protection against germs.

No Abrasives

Granite countertops have a distinctive sheen to them. To maintain that beautiful look, it’s important that abrasive are not used when cleaning them. Abrasives can scratch the surface and take away the beautiful shine that most granite countertops have. Avoid using harsh cleansers or scrubbers that contain any type of abrasive. They can damage the surface beyond repair.

Keep It Clean!

Always keep your granite countertops. Wipe them down frequently and you will never have to worry about stains or blemishes. Your local Colorado Springs home remodeling company can provide you with proper instructions on other ways you can care for your granite kitchen and bathroom countertops. At Granite Planet, granite countertops are considered to be an investment in your home. Taking care of them properly is a must if you want to protect your investment.

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