When Should You Replace Your Countertops?

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There are several warning signs that indicate it may be time to replace your home’s countertops. If your counters have gashes, cuts, burns and/or stains that look bad and cannot be repaired, it is time to replace them. If the counters cannot be properly maintained, they should be replaced. Additionally, homeowners who are remodeling the home and/or intend to sell the home will want to replace old, outdated counters with new ones that match well with the home’s overall style.

Choosing a Countertop Material

Common countertop materials include wood, granite, quartz, ceramic, steel, slate and laminate. While some materials are more durable than others, the fact remains that a material that is good for one homeowner is not necessarily the best option for another. You will need to consider what style the kitchen or bathroom is meant to have, what the counter will be used for and how easy it will be to maintain. Cost should also be taken into account, as some materials are more expensive than others.

Picking a Countertop Color

Colors make a statement and can give a room a relaxing, flamboyant, bright or muted appearance. Pick a color that will match well with the walls, flooring and appliances in the room while bearing in mind the “feel” the room is meant to have. Light, bright colors are ideal for a kitchen or bathroom that is small and/or does not get much natural light while dark colors can help give a room an elegant ambiance. If you intend to sell the home, pick a neutral countertop color such as brown, black or gray.

Consider giving us a call if you need advice on replacing kitchen and/or bathroom countertops. Our Colorado Springs countertops are available in many sizes, materials, styles and price points and we offer free in-home consultations and estimates.

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