Elegant Granite Alternatives: Quartz vs. Onyx

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It’s no secret that granite countertops are all the rage for kitchen and bathroom interior design. Durable, low maintenance, eco-friendly, and heat-resistant, granite offers countless perks to homeowners and tenants. Incorporating stone features into your home adds value and style to any living space, so why stop at granite?

There are some especially amazing stones to transform into countertops that are comparable to granite; case in point- quartz and onyx. Aside from their appearance, quartz and onyx are very different from one another. What makes one of them great is opposite of what makes the other great. Here are the details of each, and you can draw your own conclusions.


Quartz is a stone that holds a lot of similarities to granite. It is low-maintenance, carries a natural stone appearance, and is virtually indestructible. There are a couple of major factors setting quartz apart from all other stones, however. Quartz is manufactured from a mix of mostly quartz stone and a bit of polymer resins rather than molded from stone slabs. Also, it can be created in just about any color imaginable. This is a huge factor for customers.

It’s indestructible factor eliminates the possibility of stains, and opens doors for warranties. It’s also not porous at all, leaving the countertops much more sanitary than those that can soak up bacteria. This is something you can’t get from other stones.

Backsplash Tiles And Quartz Countertop Samples


Onyx is an elegant, translucent stone that is rare and exclusive in its availability. Onyx can be known to be fragile and require more upkeep. The gain, however, is the beauty and rarity of onyx. It is more expensive, but it’s justifiable solely based on its luxurious appearance.

Given that it is a more fragile stone, a more careful consideration is given to the onyx product chosen for homes ensuring its quality. Of all of the stones used for interior design, onyx is used most commonly for its aesthetically pleasing qualities rather than its durability. Who doesn’t like living life on the edge for the sake of the best countertops in town?

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