Beyond the Countertop: Other Ways to Use Granite

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Everyone has heard of granite countertops in Colorado Springs, but the counter isn’t the only place you can use this beautiful stone. Adding it to other parts of your home will enhance it in new and unique ways.

Here are some ideas to envision:

Put in a Granite Sink or Basin

You don’t need a granite countertop to enjoy the beauty of a stone sink or basin. Granite basins can be especially stylish thanks to the variety of designs that are available. The sink versions come in under-mount form or as standalone pedestals.

Replace Your Desktop with Granite

A stone desktop immediately projects a feeling of plentiful wealth and stability. It is also resistant to wear, so it’ll look great for years to come. The stylishness of a granite desk is the perfect addition to a formal office, sitting room or upscale bedroom.

Add Granite Floor Tile

Granite tile looks great around outdoor kitchens, patios, pools and paths. A granite contractor should know how it needs to be cut to work well as flooring.

Use Granite Scraps for Accents

Accents made of granite are durable, so they can take the form of useful items. One of the most popular of these is the granite cutting board. It can also be used for lamp bases, trinkets, plaque backings and similar items. The uniqueness and richness of the stone will surely enhance any area where it is on display.

Get a Granite Mosaic Installed

Small pieces of granite are great for making mosaics. Put one on a wall or into a floor for a design that is immediately eye-catching. Notably, granite mosaics can be fit into larger pieces of tile so that the final installation only involves one piece.

These are just some of the ways that granite can be used that don’t involve countertops. Stop by our showroom for even more ideas.


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