Benefits of a Granite Dining Table

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Planet Granite KitchenYour dining room table should be the perfect gathering spot for family and friends to enjoy meals together and the room’s focal point. If you want to make a bold statement with timeless appeal, granite dining tables are always showstoppers. While it’s a big investment, it will last a lifetime, and is more cost effective than wood in many cases. Your table will always be in fashion, because it’s made of building materials dating back to ancient civilizations who mined it long ago. Granite tabletops in Colorado Springs make attractive alternatives to uninspired wood tabletops and offer natural beauty encased in a sturdier environment.

Long-Lasting Quality

You need a well-crafted, strong dining room table that will stand the test of time. After years of wear and tear from dinner parties, a granite tabletop will still be a stunning feature. That’s because granite is scratch and burn resistant. You can place hot pans directly on the surface without scorching and cut on it without a single scratch.

Artistic Flair

Besides being heavy duty, every meal will be memorable when eaten on granite, which comes in almost any color imaginable. Choose from a rainbow of shades to match any decor or design aesthetic. Then, opt for custom edge-work and lay out the design of the table for a truly artistic piece.

Versatility Counts

Granite tabletops can be designed in any shape or size, which makes it easier for designing one to fit irregular spaces or when you want something unique. If you’re looking for an oversized table, custom sizes are easily obtainable and many are larger than standard dining room tables. No matter which shape, size or color you choose, you’ll also benefit from ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Granite countertops in Colorado Springs are also perfect for adding stunning features to your kitchen and bathrooms, guests will remember. Make every room more memorable by calling 719-522-0748 to schedule an appointment to upgrade your countertops today.

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