5 Places to Find Kitchen Renovation Inspiration Online

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If you’re a visual person, it can sometimes be difficult to imagine what your home could look like after a transformation. Thankfully, our Colorado Springs home remodeling team is ready to help. Here are five great places to find kitchen renovation inspiration online.

1. Pinterest

If you didn’t already know, Pinterest is about far more than clothing trends and recipes. This wonderful visual search engine has a whole sector of nothing but gorgeous kitchen designs. Just type in a few parameters, start looking at details, and save your favorites to your own inspiration board.

2. Houzz

Of course, Houzz is a great place to find ideas for your new kitchen. You can even search by topic, such as quartz countertops, waterfall countertops, or granite.

3. Home Interior Blogs

It seems like everyone is blogging these days, but that actually works to your favor when you’re searching for kitchen renovation tips. Look for pages run by home interior designers or contractors. Often, they’ll post images of previous projects to help get the ideas flowing.

4. Home Design Magazines

One of the best places to find kitchen remodeling ideas online is on the official websites of home design magazines. There are often articles and blog posts that you can’t find in print just ready to give you the inspiration you need.

5. YouTube

Another great place to find kitchen renovation inspiration online is YouTube. Look for home tours of luxury homes and more to find ideas to incorporate in your space.

The good news is that all of these websites are easy to access and save ideas from. That means when you’ve decided to transform your current space, you’re ready to go with a whole visual wish list of elements that you love.

Are you ready to make your dream kitchen a reality? Please get in touch with our Planet Granite team to learn more about how we can help.

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