4 Ideas For Decorating Your Kitchen Countertop In Style

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It’s a wonderful feeling after having a new kitchen countertop installed. But, now you may wonder what is the best way to decorate the surface so that it’s stylish and accents the natural beauty of the stone. Of course, you want to avoid adding clutter. This would just distract from the nuanced surface of granite or contrast with the speckled appearance of quartz countertops. Of course, it all boils down to personal preference, but here are some decorating ideas that can help keep your kitchen looking organized and beautiful.

Keep it simple with just the essentials

There’s nothing wrong with keeping your countertop totally functional, as long as it is kept neat and orderly. Pretty paper towels, jars of your favorite oils and herbs, along with a utensil caddy and a coffee station means you have your most-used objects close at hand. A butcher knife block can support a few cookbooks, as long as you keep a nice amount of space open for prep work and sipping an early morning tea.

Countertop items that deliver warmth

Some countertop stones like soapstone and granite have a natural warmth that can be highlighted with the right countertop objects. Consider putting out fewer appliances and more handmade type of items like a unique variety of cooking oils, a dish filled with peppers, or showcase your love of delicious artisanal bread. Anything that showcases what you love to cook with most would work. A few herb plants or colorful jars of dried, veggie pasta are also great ideas.

Statement items that make a big splash

If your kitchen countertop is highly polished, you may want to display a cherry-picked collection of items. This means simply placing 1 or 2 statement pieces atop the counter. Some ideas include a lovely vase with fresh flowers, an antique object like a copper-patina bowl, handcrafted glass plate art, or your ultra-modern coffee station. Another option is to keep the countertop clear, and jazz up the wall surrounding your counters with artwork, a photo gallery, or wall-mounted kitchen utensils.

If you’re considering new countertops for your kitchen, contact Planet Granite for a wide selection of countertop materials and styles to complement any decor from rustic, to contemporary, or modern.

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