Striking Travertine & Onyx Countertops in Colorado Springs, CO

onyx countertops


The light, earthy shades of travertine can transport you mentally to the climes of Italy, where travertine has long been a popular choice. Discover why travertine should be your countertop of choice:

  • Smooth surfaces
  • Classic look that will last a long time
  • Warm colors that brighten your kitchen
  • Cool to the touch with amazing insulation abilities
  • Easy installation
  • A variety of finishes such as polished, brushed, matte, and tumbled


For a truly beautiful and unique look, onyx countertops are the way to go. Rare, sleek, and contemporary, onyx gives your kitchen a dramatic flare.

Onyx comes a variety of patterns, from stunning swirls to tasteful pastels. When backlit, it can give an ethereal, otherworldly look to your eating space.

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