Stunning Marble Countertops in Colorado Springs, CO


Planet Granite provides a large selection of beautiful marble countertops. Marble countertops are functional and provide a luxurious look.

Marble countertops look striking in both kitchen and bathroom areas. Marble has many great features that make it attractive to homeowners looking to remodel or production builders working on larger projects.

  • Marble has a natural, elegant beauty. Because marble looks great in all colors and styles, it will set your kitchen apart. Many homeowners won’t settle for less.
  • Marble is durable and heat resistant. While marble requires more care and maintenance than other countertops, with the proper care they will project their natural beauty for many years.

Here at Planet Granite, we take pride in providing a great selection of marble countertops. We started as a small father-son shop founded on the principles of quality materials, great design, and top customer service. No matter the project you are looking to complete, you can rely on us to provide quality marble at an affordable price. Trust us to give you the marble countertops that you have been dreaming of.

Ready to have new marble countertops? Call us at 719-522-0748 or meet one of our designers at our showroom today.

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