Tasteful Granite Countertops for Your Colorado Springs, CO Home

granite countertops

Planet Granite offers a great selection of quality granite countertops. Granite is a great option for any kitchen or bathroom area. If you are looking for a great value added remodel or design, granite is a great choice!

  • The strength of granite makes it both scratch and heat resistant. Granite provides the peace of mind that your countertops won’t be damaged by the occasional hot pot or pan on the surface.
  • Rest assured that your new granite countertops will add value to your home for years to come!

Planet Granite is your local supplier of quality granite countertops. Since our founding in 1998, we have worked to provide quality materials at affordable prices. Because of our commitment to excellence, we have grown to be the largest fabricator in Central Colorado. Whether you are a homeowner looking to remodel or a production builder looking to complete a large product, you can trust Plant Granite to provide reliable granite at an affordable price.

To get started with your new custom granite countertops, call us at 719-522-0748 or come into our showroom and meet with one of our designers today!

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