Granite Cleaners for Colorado Springs, CO Countertops

DuPont Revitalizer- Cleaner with a built-in sealer to safely clean and protect your stone

DuPont Soap Scum Remover- Removes soap scum and hard water stains

DuPont Klenzall- Removes residue from your countertops. This product is great for preparing your stone

for sealing

Stone Pro Finishing Touch- Spray on cleaner and polish that also protects as you clean. Works well on

glass and stainless steel too

InvisaBLOCK Cleaner – A streak free, rinse free, mild stone cleaner for your everyday use

InvisaBLOCK Polish- Easy to use polish with a streak free shine that will enhance the natural beauty of

your stone. Resists water marks and finger prints and helps hide light scratches

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